How to add site to Bing Webmaster

bing webmaster

Bing Webmaster is a totally free service as part of Microsoft’s internet search engine which allows website owners to incorporate their websites for the Bing list crawler. The service offers resources for website owners in order to troubleshoot and fix the particular crawling and also indexing of the internet site, brand new articles, distribution as well as titled ping tools, community sources, consolidation of content distribution, Sitemap development and web site statistics.

Why should we use Bing webmaster?

Bing webmaster provides site owners to determine their particular web sites depending on how the web pages are usually performing inside the search engines. These power tools will help you:

  • Learn how individuals are discovering your internet site.
  • Acquire information on problems with your site that could be causing search engines to block your website.
  • Find out new places to cover to keep expanding your website.
  • Determine whether your internet site is ranked inside the search engine.
  • Verify just how changes you’re making to your site affect your own targeted traffic.

How to use Bing webmaster

We should follow the steps to use Bing webmaster:

bing webmaster tool

  • Then get register through Microsoft account and verify your website.
  • Here’s your dashboard to obtain an introduction to all your websites you’ve got listed in Bing Website owner Resources. Here you will notice virtually any communications you ought to handle through Msn, how many individuals identified your internet site searching, and your stats upon Web pages crawled, showing up, and found within the Bing search results.

However as you are not used to Yahoo Website owner tools you need to include your site towards the statement. This is because easy as including the Link for the Url towards the top. Enter in the Web address and then click on add.

bing webmaster tools dashboard

  • Add information of you website. This site allows you to assist Bing crawl your website better. Even though just area that’s needed is the Link, you may also give a sitemap Link and also the moment When your web site has got the most targeted visitor. If you don’t understand this information, it is possible to let it rest on your own and also add them later. The sitemap is an XML file in which listings all of the Web pages on your website so that search engines like Google may examine all of them better.

add a site in bing webmaster

  • Verify your website through your website address using xml file to upload the root of your web server, or
  • The add a specific meta tag in the top of element of index page, or
  • Add a CName to DNS records to verify

fina step to add a site in bing

You can choose any one method from these three which is very easiest to you.

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