What is Sitemap

October 10, 2015 0

What is the purpose of a site map Sitemap is the list of all web pages of a website. It is the best practice to […]

What is Robots txt file in seo

October 6, 2015 0

Tutorial robots.txt Robots.txt is the text file placed in the root directory or folder of website. There are many web pages which are unnecessary for […]

Meta Tags Optimization in SEO

October 5, 2015 0

What is Meta Tag Optimization in SEO Meta tags are the part of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) tags. Meta tags are the important part of […]

Image Optimization in seo

October 3, 2015 0

How to Name Images for SEO Image Optimization is the technique of On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We know that a website contains title, URL, […]

What is Alexa and Alexa Rank

October 2, 2015 0

What is Alexa? Alexa or Alexa Internet Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Amazon.com. It is based on Internet information providers industry. Headquarter of Alexa is situated […]

What is Moz?

October 1, 2015 0

Overview of Moz in Seo Moz is a Saas (Software as a Service) company situated in Washington, USA. It deals with the Internet Marketing Software […]

Basic Concepts and Terms for seo

September 30, 2015 0

Basic Concepts of Search Engine Optimization Before know about what is Search Engine Optimization, its types, its importance and techniques, there are some concepts of […]

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