URL Redirection (301 & 302 Redirects)

use of 301 redirection in seo

Have you heard about the term URL Redirection? Now, in this post, we will tell you about what is the mean of URL Redirection, what is the use of it & types. Suppose you have the owner of a website & you want to change the name of your domain without registering another new domain. Now, it is possible by URL Redirection. When any user clicks on old URL, the existing display URL will be automatically changed into new URL or domain in the browser.

URL Redirection means to change the URL of existing domain with a new domain without losing its authority. To change your old URL is not good because if your old domain has some authority then after replacing by new domain, it will lose all authority & you need to work on this domain again to gain authority for Search Engines. The best way is to redirect your domain with any desired domain by 301 or 302 Redirection because all the authority will be transferred into new URL or domain. You can also use the code of Redirect to change your site’s internal URLs.

Uses of URL Redirection

  • To change the URL of existing domain name with new desired Domain name without losing its authority.
  • If your domain is not Search Engine friendly, then URL Redirection is the best option for you.
  • It is also used to display the Ads in the form of images, videos or texts for a short
  • If your site is in current maintenance, then you can use Redirection to show the message to the user.
  • When you place Redirect code into.HTACCESS file, the authority of old URL will be automatically transferred into new URL.
  • It is used to solve the canonical

Types of URL Redirection

There are mainly two types of URL Redirection; one is 301, and another is 302 Redirect. Now, we will discuss both of them one by one.

  1. 301 Redirect

301 Redirect is also called Permanent Redirect because it will redirect your domain with any preferred domain permanently. Once you have applied this Redirect, your old or existing URL will be changed to new preferred domain forever i.e. you will never get old URL. You can also replace your website’s any internal URL to new desired URL.

Example: – Suppose your website is ABC.com & you want to replace this domain with XYZ.com permanently then every time users try to open ABC.com, browser will automatically show the content of XYZ.com in place of ABC.com.


RewriteEngine On

Redirect 301 /old_url.html http://www.ABC.com/new_url.html

  1. 302 Redirect

302 Redirect is also called temporary Redirection because this Redirection is affected only for few times. There is a time limit in this 302 Redirect after that old URL will be shown in the browser. Normally, its duration is between minimum 5 seconds to maximum 1 day.

Example: – Sometimes when you open any website then another URL will open & it will show ‘Wait for 5 seconds’ or ‘Click here to continue to visit this site’. After a specific period, the actual website will display. This is due to 302 Redirect.


RewriteEngine On

Redirect /old_url.html http://www.example.com/new_url.html

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