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how to use unique content checker

Now a day’s many bloggers copy contents from another website and paste it to their own website and they did not work hard to write high-quality contents and takes benefit from you. So now a great online tools is used to check whether the content is unique or not through unique content checker online tools. This online tools can use by anyone with its premium accounts or free accounts. There are many unique content checker tools available in internet.

Why should we need unique content checker?

We should need unique content checker because the articles we write by effort or hiring any content writers by paying money to him/her which is copied by other bloggers and paste on their website is totally wrong. Therefore it is also get arise a problem in future that a copy content website can be blocked by Google and never get ranked. However many advertiser did not want to advertised their product and basically Google Adsense is never approved in this sites.

How to use this unique content checker tools

Copyscape content checker

Copyscape is a premium online tools which you have to purchase and get a numbers of create to check numbers of articles. This tool is helps for detecting duplicate content related appears elsewhere on internet. Therefore you can input URL of the website which you want to check. If you deal with bulk articles then you should buy Copyscape premium.


This tool is free of charge to check unpublished articles for free is dupechecker. You can paste the content or even add the .txt record to let the tool search this article and discover if it is copied or a unique one. It can utilize Bing and Google indexer to search the actual duplicate on the internet. However the suggested index is actually from Google.


This tool offers three choices that permit you to identify duplicate articles issue. Searching the complete text message, or even Link to any copied or you may publish an .rtf.doc, .txt, and many format. Much more than 119 languages are usually supported by the particular device and the accuracy and reliability of it’s wise sure.


This tool enables you to paste any content having highest 25,000 characters. It is one of the greatest options regarding copyscape tool getting move forward characteristics. Acquire e-mail warning as soon as your article is copied; it’s support with Bing, Yahoo as well as Google indexer.

Article Checker

This online tool is a free online plagiarism checker helps you to detect copied articles in internet. This tools check deeply with the collaboration with yahoo and Google search engines.

Copy gator

This is also an online tool which detect your website by input your website URLs in its search bar and scan your site to checked articles duplicate contents.

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